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Decred Review

Developed and launched in 2016, this cryptocurrency has its primary focus on open governance, community input, sustainable financing and development. This altcoin makes use of a hybridized consensus mechanism that enables the creation of balance between miners and users, in turn enabling one of the most powerful altcoins.

Siacoin Review

The cloud storage industry is a massive industry that was estimated at exactly $178 billion as of 2017. Companies like Microsoft, Dropbox and Amazon are key players in the cloud storage industry. The term “cloud storage” basically refers to the storing of data. The Siacoin network seeks to disrupt the cloud storage industry.

Bitshares Review

Developed by Dan Larimer and launched in July 19 2014, Bitshares is an open source platform which has its primarily aim of exchanging various cryptocurrencies with the platform itself based on blockchain technology. This blockchain based network was built on the Graphene which in itself is an open source blockchain implementation.

Zilliqa Review

The Zilliqa network seeks to offer a solution to the scaling issue that plagues the crypto sphere. The Zilliqa network happens to be the only network that makes use of “Sharding”. This enables the network’s blockchain to become fast as the size of the network grows.

0x Review

0x is basically an open protocol that seeks to enhance the operations of decentralized exchange of the Ethereum based tokens. Third Party developers could make use of the 0x token to build their own specially designed decentralized applications with tons of user features. The 0x token is used by takers and makers to pay for transaction fees.

Real Time Cryptocurrencies Arbitrages with Crossd.io – Full Review

Arbitrage trading is a strategy which sees traders take advantage of different coin prices listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges. Arbitrage trading is possible thanks to coin prices differing among exchanges in different geographic locations and timezones. Arbitrage cryptocurrency trading is high-risk. However, new platform Crossd.io makes arbitrage trading altogether easy.

How to Avoid Common ICO Market Scams in 2018

Nearly $7 billion has been invested in the ICO market over the course of 2018. Unprecedented ICO hype has seen more investment pour into ICOs this year than during the entirety of 2017. Because scam ICOs and projects which never came to market accounted for 80% of ICO investment in 2017, it is imperative for investors not to invest recklessly.

Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

The cryptocurrency economy is evolving. Thanks to more Bitcoin businesses and merchants coming online, it is easier than ever for people to earn Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash. At present, it is possible to earn Bitcoin as both an entrepreneur and semi-professional side hustler.

How to Setup an Offline Cryptocurrency POS System

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency can be accepted online and offline using specialized point of sale software. Offline product and service providers can receive cryptocurrency payments just as easily as regular fiat cash payments. By allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin and other coins, businesses can tap broader market demographics and even benefit from an incredible free marketing boost.

Accept Bitcoin Payments More Easily than Ever

Bitbe is the EU’s newest homegrown Bitcoin payment gateway provider. Based out of Poland, Bitbe is striving to help small businesses accept Bitcoin payments without having to rely on U.S. Payment processing partners. Using a Bitbe payment gateway, EU merchants can accept Bitcoin payments free from Bitcoin price volatility concerns.