Bitshares Crypto Currency Review

Bitshares Review

Developed by Dan Larimer and launched in July 19 2014, Bitshares is an open source platform which has its primarily aim of exchanging various cryptocurrencies with the platform itself based on blockchain technology. This blockchain based network was built on the Graphene which in itself is an open source blockchain implementation.

To begin making use of this platform, users can quickly sign up and they are not required to provide tons of information. This sets the Bitshares platform apart from the other centralized exchanges that would require you to submit enough personal information before you are able to start making use of their platform. Also, the Bitshares exchange grants users the opportunity to control the security, again, this sets the exchange apart from the other centralized exchanges.

Those who make use of the Bitshares platform are able to stabilize their investments. How? They are able to convert all their investments to stable cryptocurrency assets that are at the same level as fiat currencies. The Bitshares platform does not function like the other centralized exchanges that are in the market today. It seeks to be an exchange platform that has tokens that are tied to the real-world currencies. The platform also maintains the anonymity of users on the network.

Bitshares (BTS) is the specially designed cryptocurrency that is used on this platform. The platform seeks to eliminate any security issue that have threatened various centralized exchanges like the Mt.Gox, CoinCheck etc. It does this by ensuring that all relevant data is not stored on a central body.

Features of Bitshares

  • Multiple currency support; one of the most profound ideas on which the Bitshares platform is built on is that of availability. The platform is available in almost all countries and it supports the conversion of cryptocurrencies to any currencies of your choice. It could be traded for silver, gas, gold etc.
  • No limits; the Bitshares platform seeks to change the way centralized exchanges function. It has put in place a no withdrawal or deposit limit. This feature sets it apart from the other exchanges that have been developed. Asides the limit, the exchange happens to be one of the cheapest exchanges.
  • Easy sign up; unlike the other centralized exchanges, the Bitshares platform offers its users easy sign up without having to provide tons of information.


  • Cryptocurrency on a fully decentralized platform that does not store information in a central body
  • So far a very secure platform
  • Cheap transaction fees
  • It has multiple currency support
  • Easy sign up process


  • Most people would choose centralized exchanges because of their level of experience.
  • The platform is great but the BitShares (BTS) coin has little use/value outside the platform.


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