Cardano Review

Cardano was launched on September 29, 2017, and in the short span of 5 months Cardano manage to get into the list of top 10 valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. Its sudden growth got the attention of blockchain community.

Cardano is an interesting Cryptocurrency and it is designed with the aim to bring the revolution into the crypto world. It is designed by Input-Output HK group which is led by Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson is also the co-founder of Ethereum which is 2nd most valuable Cryptocurrency in the world. Due to the relation of Hoskinson with the Ethereum, Cardano is also known as “Ethereum Killer”.

Another Highlight of Cardano is that it is the first blockchain project which is built on peer-reviewed academic research. The main goal of Cardano is to bridge the gap between the regulators and the users. They want to achieve this by keeping the system transparent enough to happy the regulators without compromising the privacy and security of its users and for this purpose, they have built the system with layers with options to customize the levels of security, privacy, and transparency.

Cardano also offers the smart contracts similar to the Ethereum but the company is also focusing on the future aspects. Cardano also plans to offer a debit card to its users where users will be able to use the Cardano debit card as a regular debit card where their funds will transfer to fiat currencies automatically. Cardano is also known as 3rd Generation Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum were the first and 2nd Generation respectively.

Cardano has limited supply of 45 Billion Coins and its circulating supply is 25.9 Billion Coins.

Cardano trading was started on the open market in October with the starting price of 0.021678$ and the price spike up to 0.118235 within one month. There are many factors behind the success of Cardano but the most important one is the robust and expert team behind the Cardano.


  • Cardano has a Limited supply of 45 Billion coins. Limited supply, more demand.
  • Cardano has an exceptional development team
  • Cardano is the first of its kind, its structure is unique and if the company implement the features they are planning then Cardano will have a huge advantage over other cryptocurrencies.
  • Cardano is already listed on some big Cryptocurrency exchanges including UpBit, Binance. Bittrex and Coinnest.
  • Its universal blockchain will increase the acceptance of Cardano, as a result, its value will increase.
  • Cardano uses the Ouroboros which is a more advanced algorithm and it makes the blockchain more secure. Ouroboros is as effective as Proof of Work (POW) with low energy cost.
  • Cardano is built on Haskell which is a more secure programming language.
  • Cardano’s two-layer system layer: Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and Cardano Computer Layer (CCL) provide mean through which changes can be made in the platform without the need for a fork.
  • Cardano is implementing the Atomic swap where Cardano will be converted to another cryptocurrency as well as fiat currencies.


  • Cardano is still in its development phase and they are testing new things and we will have to wait and see if world accept their revolution or not.
  • None of the main planned features are currently in place.


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