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Developed by Lemahieu Colin and launched in 2015, Nano happens to be a low latency platform that was created solely for the purpose of payment settlements. Nano makes use of minimal resources making it one of the ideal platforms for P2P (peer to peer) transactions. Formerly known as RaiBlocks, it was not until late January of 2018 that it was rebranded to what we have now as Nano.

Like Bitcoin, Nano seeks to become a day to day global currency thereby eliminating the use of fiat currency. Nano seeks to become a global currency that will not only be used daily but also will be able to allow instant transactions. Literally, Nano plans to become a fully decentralized cryptocurrency platform with the easiest and fastest way or method to make all forms of payment globally.

Features of Nano

  • Free Transactions; Nano seeks to offer all users using its coin the opportunity to carry out multiple transactions at no charge. Nano offers users no charge for all transactions carried out.
  • Ultrafast transactions; Nano offers users super-fast transactions. This makes the digital asset a perfect currency for use in making payments around the world.
  • Scalable; Nano seeks to solve the problem that has been facing Bitcoin for a long time. In less than two seconds, Nano can process over 1000 transactions, making it one of the most scalable digital platforms.
  • Multiple device compatibility; the Nano application can be downloaded on their official website and it supports all operating systems.

Few weeks into the year 2018, Nano formerly called Raiblocks was valued at $37 with a total market capital of $4.9 billion. This milestone was achieved because of the predominant nature of Bitcoin. Less than three weeks later, Bitcoin and altcoins, in general, experienced a fall in price, but that did not affect Nano as expected, the crypto managed to stay $10. The last days of February saw the altcoin struggle to maintain a market capital of $2 billion. Overall Nano has experienced more rise than fall in value since this year began.

Nano has proven to be one of the most promising cryptos, its amazing features have made more people interested in it. Nano was developed to solve all the problems that have been plaguing Bitcoin since its inception. It seeks to replace fiat currencies and become a global payment that will ensure fast and simple transfer and settlement of debts globally. Also, Nano is easy to use, but one problem that has plagued it is the BitGail cryptocurrency exchange hack which saw about $170 million worth of tokens stolen. This has raised doubts in the heart and mind of all investors and most Nano community members are asking for a hard fork.


  • It is highly scalable.
  • It is a fast network and a global payment system.
  • Zero-charge for all transactions carried out.
  • Multiple device coverage.


  • $170 million Nano token hack on BitGail has caused doubts in the mind of investors.


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