Ripple XRP Review

Ripple was introduced in 2012 but it started getting popular in 2017.  It was co-founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Jed is the interesting person here because he also founded the famous Bitcoin Exchange MT Gox in 2010 which was hacked in 2014 and Crypto investors lost around 400 million Dollars in this famous Hack.

If you follow Cryptocurrencies then you have most probably heard a buzz about Ripple and this buzz is well anticipated because Ripple value has been increased by 34000% in 2017. Ripple is different to most crypto currencies in that it is centralised and pre-mined and not open to the public (at the moment) to use as a currency.  The Ripple Transaction Protocol (RXTP) which is also known as Ripple Protocol was built with the aim to enable secure, instant and almost free global financial transactions between banks without any third intermediary bank. In simple terms, it is purely designed for banks and financial institutions to safely, quickly and cheaply transfer funds between each other.

XRP token is the native Cryptocurrency in the Ripple Network. Ripple has the finite supply of 100,000,000,000 Coins and circulating supply is 39,094,802,192 Coins. All Ripple supply is pre-mined and 55 Billion XRPs are held in escrow in order to provide additional predictability to XRP supply.

Ripple trading was started in August 2013 with the starting price of 0.004318$ and Ripple didn’t show any extraordinary rise in its value between 2014 -2016. Ripple got the spotlight when its value was increased by 34000% in 2017 and in January 2018, Ripple was trading at 3.65$. In the first 40 days of 2018, Ripple has lost almost 60% value along with other crypto currencies because of the temporary ban on Cryptocurrency exchanges in the biggest markets of cryptocurrencies: China and South Korea.


  • Ripple is specifically made for Banks and Bank Market is massive. If all banks go for Ripple then the value of Ripple will increase. Compared to the traditional banking system, Ripple network is more secure and faster..
  • Very low Transaction fee
  • Ripple is slowly getting noticed and one key indication is recent investors i.e. Google Ventures and Standard Chartered Bank both invested in Ripple.
  • Fast Transactions as compared to Bitcoin, it only takes 5-10 seconds to complete the transaction.
  • Because Ripple is centralised and controlled by the two parties involved in the transfer Ripple use Consensus protocol/Proof of Stake (POS) unlike Bitcoin which use Proof of Work (POW), Unlike Proof of Work (POW), Consensus protocol is more energy efficient and also faster than POW.
  • Ripple has formed partnerships with over 100 Banks and other top companies like VISA, MoneyGram, and LianLian International. These partnerships will benefit the Ripple in the long run.


  • As Ripple is used by banks and it is not for use general public use their value is not subject to the normal supply and demand rules, therefore their exchange price would seem somewhat artificial, and might tend to remain flat which is not the best news for investors.
  • Ripple is a controlled and Centralized coin, unlike most other cryptocurrencies.
  • 100 Billion Ripple vs 21 million Bitcoins so it is obvious that its vast supply will make it difficult to reach the high value.
  • Researchers at Purdue University found the security Risk in Ripple Blockchain that could put 50,000 wallets at risk.
  • Another big Con of Ripple is that Big Banks are behind the Ripple and many individual investors might be reluctant to invest in Ripple knowing they wont have much say in its future.
  • Ripple own 60% of the total supply of XRP and it implies the risk of manipulated inflation and deflation. To mitigate this Ripple have put the coins in Escrow to be released slowly to the market as they are needed.


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