TRON Review

Tron was launched in 2017 and is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is open-source. Tron is a platform created, to enable content creators to get rewarded for sharing their own content. Tron’s technology grants access to users looking for entertainment-related content from around the world. The platform (Tron Protocol) also allows users to own, store and publish data. The distribution of data is also their decision to make.

Users who contribute to the ecological growth of the platform get rewarded with profits. Also, to promote fairness in the system, every contribution has equal time and value. Tron is a people-oriented system rather than money-oriented, hence they are sticking to their main goal which is providing services, especially entertainment related, through content viewing. It is designed such that everyone who participates gets benefits.

Tron has a token called Tronix (TRX). In 2017, TRX received a lot of attention, and it was as a result of a high price increase. At the beginning of December 2017, the price was about $0.0020, and by the end of the same month, it had become $0.05/Tronix token. There are 65,748,192,476 units of Tronix circulating. With $2.2 billion, Tronix saw itself at 17th place, according to the market capitalization ranking. In January 2018, the market capitalization had exceeded US$10 billion.


  • A social app was created in China called Peiwo and already has 10 million users. Right now, they are working on the integration of Tron into the app.
  • The team consists of experienced advisors, investors, and developers. Also, the CEO, Justin Sun is Jack Ma’s protégé (Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba group).
  • The TRON team believe the fundamental ownership of data belongs to the creators. So its more of a socialist and fair view of the internet rather than a purely capitalist one...
  • Tron users will get proportional profits based on rules. Creating a value network will be beneficial to the users, as there will be capitalization on anything within the platform. So users end up getting paid to use the network. The more time they spend on it, the more they will earn.
  • The intention of Tron is to make all services on their platform free to the public. Tron is run by a non-profit organization and is created to serve the people who enjoy and love entertainment content from all around the world. They are not after making profits.
  • The network comes with decentralized infrastructures like autonomous gaming and exchange.


  • The market cap of Tron in January 2018 was $19 billion, yet there is no product to support the valuation, hence, some believe Tron is overvalued, and if not handled properly, it could be detrimental to itself.
  • Following on from the point above it is yet to show any proof that it is capable of achieving what it claims.
  • Some say Tron’s whitepaper is a plagiarized version of Filecoin’s.
  • Tron has 100billion tokens, which could be detrimental to its value. (More supply, less demand hence less value)


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