Atomic Swaps Made Simple

Swap.Online Atomic Wallet Review: Atomic Swaps Made Simple

Swap.Online is the world’s first true atomic swap exchange. The Swap.Online atomic wallet app can be used to swap cryptocurrencies fee-free and without user registration. Swap.Online is currently capable of instantly exchanging Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and several ETH ERC-20 tokens.
Implacoin is a digital currency and blockchain platform designed for medical and dental treatment.

Implacoin: Blockchain-Based Healthcare & Telemedicine

Implacoin is digital currency and blockchain platform designed to democratize access to medical and dental treatment. Use of blockchain technology in healthcare is becoming commonplace. However, Implacoin is the only coin which allows investors to generate ROI via direct participation in Implacoin's own proof of stake Master Node program.
Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange Review | Trading Options, Fees and Referral Program

While you have heard of F&O trading in the equity markets and the buzzword of cryptocurrency going on in the street right now, does the term futures trading on cryptocurrency crosses your mind as yet? While it may be a new term to you, the trading on futures for cryptocurrency is very similar to trading on futures in the equity market.
Top Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019

Top Cryptocurrency to Invest in Ready for 2019

2018 has been a testing year for cryptocurrency investors. Volatile price swings have seen mooning coin prices from January, falter spectacularly. In this article, we will, therefore, look at what is possibly the best cryptocurrency to invest in ready for 2019.
Bitcoin Price History at Christmas

Will Bitcoin Price History Repeat This Christmas?

Analysis of Bitcoin price history over the past decade shows a clear trend of prices peaking around Christmas time. Some Bitcoin price prediction forecasts suggest that Bitcoin may peak at $12,000 - $13,000 this Christmas. While hopeful of a bull run, other predictions indicate that a Bitcoin price Christmas bonanza isn’t a viable possibility.

The Stock Market Crash is Coming - Is Bitcoin the Answer?

JP Morgan recently predicted a 60% likelihood of a significant recession and possible stock market crash in 2020. Historically, a stock market crash occurs on average every 10-years. Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin to prevent wealth from being fraudulently seized in the event of a crash, but can Bitcoin stand up to the challenge?
100eyes crypto scanner review

100eyes crypto scanner has been launched on Telegram!

The brand new Crypto Scanner created by 100eyes is an alerting tool that tracks all of the 120+ available cryptocurrencie and sends alerts on Telegram based on TA style indicators such as RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. This finally means the end of the intense searching through all charts for a good entry.
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures coming in December 2018

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures are Coming - Will the Bitcoin Price Go Up?

In December, Bakkt Bitcoin futures will start trading on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The ICE owns 12 regulated exchanges and marketplaces globally. Bakkt LLC will physically back futures contracts using real Bitcoin, making futures similar to long-awaited Bitcoin ETF’s.
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on the 15th of November 2018

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Explained - What do You Need to Know?

On November 15th, a Bitcoin Cash hard fork is scheduled which may see Bitcoin Cash Split into three different forms of cryptocurrency. A Bitcoin Cash hard fork takes place twice a year. However, at present, there is no consensus among BCH miners, concerning which of three proposed Bitcoin Cash upgrades will benefit from mainstream support. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork could increase the transaction capacity of blocks on the BCH blockchain from 32MB to 128MB.
Ripple on CoinMarketCap

Ripple XRP Poised to Take Second Place on CoinMarketCap

Ripple Coin (XRP) briefly replaced Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap on November 6th, 2018. Ethereum scaling concerns and renewed mainstream financial institution interest in Ripple, have resulted in XRP Coin and ETH vying for place as the worlds second largest cryptocurrency. Ripple Coin looks set to defeat Ethereum as the world’s second-biggest digital currency, possibly in a matter of days.

Breaking Down Bitcoin and Blockchain Myths | Bitcoin Scaling

Several myths and misconceptions dog Bitcoin and blockchain technology. One Bitcoin myth concerns blockchain scalability and the presumed incapacity of Bitcoin to serve more significant numbers of users. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin blockchain scalability shouldn’t be a problem for Bitcoin at all.
Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin Myths | Are Bitcoins Legal or Illegal?

Despite rising in popularity over the course of 2017 and 2018, many people mistakenly believe that Bitcoin is illegal. Many Bitcoin myths stem from the mistaken belief that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice for Dark Web criminals. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Bitcoin is legal and will likely not be prohibited at any point in the near future.
Investing in Bitcoin for the first time?

A Beginner's Guide To Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin could make waves again soon, especially if the stock market continues to take a hit. So, here’s a beginners guide to investing in it.
Bitcoin Mixer Reviews

Review Of Bitcoin Mixer

A Bitcoin mixer is an online service which anonymizes Bitcoin by mixing BTC coin amounts with those of several different users. Mixing thwarts attempts to track the real identities of Bitcoin users. Bitcoin mixing predominantly takes place on the dark web. However, new service, provides secure mixing for regular (non-dark web) BTC users.
Cryptocurrency Tax

How Tax on Cryptocurrency Applies to Miners & Traders

Capital gains tax reforms for 2018 have changed how the Internal revenue Service applies tax to cryptocurrency. Traders and cryptocurrency miners need to be aware of how tax on cryptocurrency applies to their specific situation. For day traders, short-term capital gains tax will apply to every trade. For miners, cryptocurrency is taxed as income.

Cryptocurrency Tax Explained - How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax

In 2014, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service categorized all forms of cryptocurrency as property. By being classified as property, capital gains tax applies whenever cryptocurrency profits are realized. A 2017 amendment to the U.S. tax code, makes capital gains tax applicable whenever digital assets are traded for like amounts of other cryptocurrencies.
GunBot Review

Review Of GunBot

Do you want to trade on the stock market? These tips will help you do so more successfully.

Stock Trading Tips

Do you want to trade on the stock market? These tips will help you do so more successfully. - Real time cryptocurrencies arbitrage platform review

Real Time Cryptocurrencies Arbitrages with - Full Review

Arbitrage trading is a strategy which sees traders take advantage of different coin prices listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges. Arbitrage trading is possible thanks to coin prices differing among exchanges in different geographic locations and timezones. Arbitrage cryptocurrency trading is high-risk. However, new platform makes arbitrage trading altogether easy.

How to Avoid Common ICO Market Scams in 2018

Nearly $7 billion has been invested in the ICO market over the course of 2018. Unprecedented ICO hype has seen more investment pour into ICOs this year than during the entirety of 2017. Because scam ICOs and projects which never came to market accounted for 80% of ICO investment in 2017, it is imperative for investors not to invest recklessly.
Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

The cryptocurrency economy is evolving. Thanks to more Bitcoin businesses and merchants coming online, it is easier than ever for people to earn Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash. At present, it is possible to earn Bitcoin as both an entrepreneur and semi-professional side hustler.
Setup offline POS System to accept Bitcoin

How to Setup an Offline Cryptocurrency POS System

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency can be accepted online and offline using specialized point of sale software. Offline product and service providers can receive cryptocurrency payments just as easily as regular fiat cash payments. By allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin and other coins, businesses can tap broader market demographics and even benefit from an incredible free marketing boost.
Bitcoins accepted here

Accept Bitcoin Payments More Easily than Ever

Bitbe is the EU’s newest homegrown Bitcoin payment gateway provider. Based out of Poland, Bitbe is striving to help small businesses accept Bitcoin payments without having to rely on U.S. Payment processing partners. Using a Bitbe payment gateway, EU merchants can accept Bitcoin payments free from Bitcoin price volatility concerns.

How to Setup a Cryptocurrency payment Gateway for Your Website

Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments online is becoming just as popular as commercial payment services like PayPal. Incorporating cryptocurrency payments into an online e-commerce strategy can help counter chargeback fraud. In some cases, cryptocurrency payments can be instantly exchanged for fiat cash payments at leading exchanges like Coinbase.
Earn Bitcoin with Shopify

Is it Possible Yet to Earn Bitcoin? - Yes & Here’s How!

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to earn Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash. Platforms like Shopify have been accepting Bitcoin and coins like Litecoin from as early as 2013. To earn Bitcoin, all aspirant entrepreneurs need to do is start offering products and services in exchange for digital currency.

Facebook Gives the Green Light to Cryptocurrency Advertisers

In January 2018, Facebook banned cryptocurrency related businesses from running ads using Facebook advertising. Facebook has now partially reversed this ban, but some restrictions will remain in place. Some are speculating that Facebook’s new ad policy, may be due to in-house development of Facebooks' very own cryptocurrency.

Geneva will host the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

On October 9, 2018, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland will take place for the second time in Geneva, the European fintech hub. The event is dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies uniting blockchain project developers, investors, analysts, financiers, specialists in marketing and legal support of business. The first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland was held in February and gathered more than 300 participants.
BTCC China Bitcoin exchange relaunching and offering crypto to fiat cash exchanges

China Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Makes Surprise Comeback

BTCC was launched in June 2011 as China’s first ever Bitcoin Exchange. Based in Hong Kong, BTCC became China’s biggest exchange but was forced to cease operations in late 2017. The China Bitcoin exchange is now relaunching and will offer cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency transactions, as well as crypto to fiat cash exchanges.
VeChain Blockchain for Supply Chain

VeChain (VEN) & Thor - What is VeChain?

VeChain is a supply chain tracking token running on the new Thor blockchain. VeChain was launched as an ETH ERC20 token in June 2015 but an official ER20 VEN to VET token swap is planned for mid-July. Vechain blockchain technology is designed to revolutionize real-world business and retail supply chains.

Vitalik Buterin - The Man Behind Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin is famous for being the creator of Ethereum. Born in Russia in 1994, Buterin had an early introduction to the world of computer science, thanks to his father Dmitry also being a computer scientist. After emigrating to Canada as a child, Buterin was quickly identified as a prodigy with regard to his natural competency in mathematics.
Dan Larimer EOS - Blockchain Guru

Dan Larimer - Bitshares to EOS

Daniel Larimer is one of the most influential and celebrated blockchain technology developers to date. Son of Cryptonomex Inc. co-founder Stan Larimer, Dan has been the chief architect of several leading blockchain powered platforms including Bitshares, Steemit and EOS. Recently, EOS platform security problems have forced Dan Larimer to re-write the EOS constitution and caused some controversy in the process.

Brad Garlinghouse - Ripple CEO & Dot Com Luminary

Brad Garlinghouse is the current CEO of Ripple and has a 6.3% stake in the company. In January, Forbes estimated that Ripple XRP tokens held by Garlighouse were (then) worth over $10 billion. As well as Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has previously worked with several well-known Internet companies including AOL and Yahoo.
Charles Hoskinson of Ethereum and Cardano

Charles Hoskinson – The Cardano & Ethereum Co-founder in Detail

Charles Hoskinson is one of the most prominent blockchain technology innovators of recent years. As well as helping co-found Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson is also responsible for helping bring platforms like Bitshares to market. At present, Hoskinson is CEO of blockchain technology firm Input Output HK (IOHK), responsible for the upcoming release of Cardano.
Bitcoin Price Manipulation in 2017 using Tether and Bitfinex

Bitcoin Price Manipulation - What’s the Real Story

Bitcoin price manipulation rumors have been circulating since late 2017. Increasing numbers of independent investigators allege that Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex and cryptocurrency Tether, colluded in 2017 to artificially manipulate Bitcoin market prices. Their claims seem to be supported by evidence..
DigixDAO Gold crypto currency

DigixDAO (DGD) - The World's First Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

DigixDAO is an Ethereum built asset-backed cryptocurrency. Unlike other asset-backed cryptocurrencies, DGD is attempting to digitize real-world gold bullion. DigixDAO brings to market a decentralized exchange where real gold bars can be traded securely by linking coins to SKU and serial numbers of gold bars themselves
Charlie Lee of Litecoin

Charlie Lee & Litecoin (LTC) - A Brief Biography

Charlie Lee has been instrumental in developing and marketing Litecoin, being one of the most transparent and well-recognized coin creators on the cryptocurrency market. Litecoin (LTC) has since evolved from a relatively unknown altcoin to one which is now listed on the UK derivatives market.
Bitcoin Wallet

What is a Crypto Currency “Wallet”?

If you are new to the crypto currency industry, you will lose track when trying to understand all the different terms used. One of the frequently used terms is the "wallet." It is surprising to see how many people misunderstand the use of wallets in the cryptocurrency world. In this article, we will be discussing the meaning of this term extensively and will also explain the purpose of wallets in the industry.
Top ICOs of 2017

Top 5 ICOs of 2017

With so many currencies introduced every year, it has become difficult for those interested in trading to keep track. More than $3.5 billion has been raised through the use of ICOs in the year 2017. This list has also been prepared according to the amount of money raised through the use of different ICOs.
Top Crypto Currency Hacks

Top 5 Crypto Currency Hacks So Far

Crypto currencies have been witnessing phenomenal growth over the last few years. However, because of the rising value associated with crypto currencies, not only investors, but hackers have also managed to gain interest in different types of digital currency.
Cryptocurrency mining banned on iphones

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining & Other Apps on All iPhone Models

The Bitcoin price today is now officially less than half of what it was at the start of 2018. Sudden 12% price pullbacks are being blamed on the hacking of obscure South Korean exchange, Coinrail. In terms of market cap, the recent Bitcoin market crash has seen the cryptocurrency market lose over $42 billion in value.