100eyes crypto scanner has been launched on Telegram!

The brand new Crypto Scanner created by 100eyes is an alerting tool that tracks all of the 120+ available cryptocurrencie and sends alerts on Telegram based on TA style indicators such as RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. This finally means the end of the intense searching through all charts for a good entry. As soon as there is a good opportunity for a trade, the scanner tells you where to look and what to look for. Ultimately, you are still in control of your own trades, because it is purely a scanner, and not a trading bot.

All the popular indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stoch RSI, MACD and stochastics are supported. The scanner is also able to spot more complex combinations of indicators and very powerful signals, such as RSI Divergences and Fibonacci retracements. For example the RSI Divergence is an extremely strong signals based off the RSI indicator. What makes this alerting tool really stand out amongst other alerting tools is the automated charting feature. As soon as a e.g. an RSI Divergence occurs, you not only get notified, the scanner also sends you a chart along. As you can see in the example below, not only you see the pricemovement – it even shows the lines indicating the price difference versus the rsi difference. This is ideal for beginners and convenient for experienced traders.

For Premium Member of 100eyes there is the option to customize all facets of the tool. You can choose your own coins, timeframes and indicators. In this way you can adjust the tool to your own liking and get alerted only when things happen that you care about.

The people that built the scanner are very friendly and helpful. If you wish to receive an alert that is not available yet, you can request it and they will make it for you. If you are interested, there’s also the option to try the full version for 24h for free – such that you can judge the tool on it’s real value. Check out www.100-eyes.com for more information.

In Summary

What is it?

100eyes is a service on Telegram that provide crypto traders with alerts.

Alerts that are provided include:
– RSI Divergence
– Potential MACD Crosses
– Fib Retracements
– RSI oversold/overbought
– Volatility alerts
– Regular/Inverted Hammer
– Many more


– The crypto market never sleeps and is of high volatility, it is impossible for a person to constantly keep up with all the things that are happening
– You will miss out on many good trades, because you did not notice a good entry point in one of the 130 traded coins


– They launched an alerting bot on Telegram that will send you a message as soon as something happens.
– You decide for which coins, which time frames and which alerts you want to get a notification
– They can even send a chart along explaining the alert
– They can send you a push notification for alerts you really don’t want to miss by appending a @username to the alert.

How much?

– They charge 15 dollars per month
– There is a free preview channel where you can see a few alerts for just five coins (https://t.me/CryptoScanner100eyes)



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