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Bitcoin Mixer Reviews – BitcoinMix & Better Bitcoin Anonymity

  • A Bitcoin mixer is an online service which anonymizes Bitcoin by mixing BTC coin amounts with those of several different users
  • Mixing thwarts attempts to track the real identities of Bitcoin users
  • Bitcoin mixing predominantly takes place on the dark web. However, new service, provides secure mixing for regular (non-dark web) BTC users

What is a Bitcoin Mixer & What are the Benefits?

Bitcoin is far from as private as you might think. Every Bitcoin transaction is easily traceable on the Bitcoin blockchain. More importantly, tracking transactions can expose the real identities of Bitcoin users. Thankfully, Bitcoin mixer services change this.

Bitcoin Mixer & Bitcoin Tumbler Services Explained

Most people buy Bitcoin at exchanges like Coinbase. When they do, they are required to submit proof of identification. Purchased Bitcoin can, therefore, be easily linked to real-world user identities.

Bitcoin tumbler services make Bitcoin deposits and transactions more private. Namely, by scrambling coins so that real coin owners are impossible to identify.

  • A Bitcoin mixer takes user deposits and mixes these in a pool of funds deposited by other users
  • Equivocal amounts of Bitcoin are returned to users, minus a small mixing fee
  • Once mixed, any previous activities associated with coins can no longer be associated with the real-world identities of users

Sadly, Bitcoin mixer services exist predominantly on the dark web. Because of this, scams are commonplace. – The Best Bitcoin Mixer for Non-Dark Web Users

There is a growing demand for better Bitcoin anonymity online. To meet this demand, new mixing service, is one of the first which is available to regular (non-dark web) users.

When visiting, users enter the wallet address where they would like to receive mixed Bitcoin. Users then deposit Bitcoin which they would like to mix, and pay a negligible 2%-5% fee per transaction.

Bitcoin Mix Benefits

  • strives to be the best Bitcoin mixer online, by being the only to offer dedicated, in-house customer support
  • The Bitcoin Mix website is the only mixing service to benefit from full HTTPS security, backed by a legitimate SSL certificate
  • Bitcoin Mix does not record any user details, nor does the site require users to register before mixing coins

Most importantly of all, Bitcoin Mix is in no way affiliated with the dark web. This means that transactions aren’t facilitated by potentially criminal third parties. Nor can using expose user IP’s (and possibly personal information) to hackers or organized fraudsters.

Why Mix Bitcoin if I’m not a Criminal?

Bitcoin mixer services regularly court controversy. Some argue that mixing services only cater for those who wish to engage in illicit behavior. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Every Bitcoin transaction can be viewed by anyone. This includes criminal entities. Specifically, entities who work to discover the real identities of users. Moreover, (in extreme cases) this can lead to the kidnapping, ransoming, and defrauding of individuals. In fact, this happened very recently with South African businessman, Liyaqat Parker.

Top Tips Before Using

Bitcoin Mix represents an easy way to anonymize any amount of Bitcoin quickly. However, when using any Bitcoin mixer service, users should always use a clean BTC wallet address. Users may also want to consider using a VPN or TOR, to add even further anonymity to transactions.

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