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Brad Garlinghouse – Ripple CEO & Dot Com Luminary

  • Brad Garlinghouse is the current CEO of Ripple and has a 6.3% stake in the company
  • In January, Forbes estimated that Ripple XRP tokens held by Garlighouse were (then) worth over $10 billion
  • As well as Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has previously worked with several well-known Internet companies including AOL and Yahoo

Brad Garlinghouse – The Dot Com Giant You’ve Never Heard About

Brad Garlinghouse is well-known on the cryptocurrency market as the current CEO of Ripple Labs.

Holding a 6.3% stake in Ripple XRP itself, Brad made headlines in January 2018, thanks to becoming temporarily wealthier than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. This was thanks to Ripple XRP coins spiking an astonishing 30,000% in value over the course of 2017.

Brad Garlinghouse Businessman

Unlike blockchain innovators like Vitalik Buterin, Brad Garlinghouse has a business rather than coding or cryptography background. This is thanks to Garlinghouse currently holding both an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Kansas University.

Having worked with several well-known Internet companies, Brad is the former CEO of file sharing platform Hightail. However, Garlinghouse is arguably most famous for his time spent as Senior Vice President at Yahoo.

Brad Garlighouse & The Peanut Butter Manifesto

While serving as Senior Vice President at Yahoo in 2006, Brad Garlinghouse penned what has since become known as ‘The Peanut Butter Manifesto.’

Written at a time when Yahoo was fast being sidelined by search users in favor of Google, the Garlinghouse memo criticized Yahoo for not having real focus. In it, Brad, therefore, predicted that by spreading resources too thinly, Yahoo was in danger of becoming obsolete. What is more, the predictions in Brad’s Wall Street Journal published Peanut Butter Manifesto did indeed come to pass.

Brad Garlinghouse & Ripple XRP

As well as Yahoo, Brad Garlinghouse has also held positions at top Silicon Valley companies like AOL and However, it is Brad’s current position as CEO at Ripple, which has catapulted him to fame on the cryptocurrency market.

Initially joining Ripple in 2015, Garlinghouse first served as company president and Chief Communications Officer. During this time, Ripple identified Brad’s best qualities as his, “fiery and bold leadership.” Later in January 2017, Garlinghouse subsequently became the companies CEO and in many respects, the public face of Ripple itself.

Brad Garlinghouse as the Charlie Lee of Ripple XRP

Like Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Brad Garlinghouse regularly comments publicly on with regard to his vision for both Ripple XRP and the wider cryptocurrency market. Much more importantly, Brad has been instrumental in building relationships between Ripple and several banks and payment processors like American Express. As Brad himself likes to state, though, Ripple itself is a payments company, not a traditional blockchain or blockchain technology business.

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