Charles Hoskinson Co-Creator of Ethereum and Founder of Cardano

Charles Hoskinson –  The Cardano & Ethereum Co-founder in Detail

  • Charles Hoskinson is one of the most prominent blockchain technology innovators of recent years
  • As well as helping co-found Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson is also responsible for helping bring platforms like Bitshares to market
  • At present, Hoskinson is CEO of blockchain technology firm Input Output HK (IOHK), responsible for the upcoming release of Cardano

Could Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market be about to boom? According to Cardano and former Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, the answer to this question is a resolute, ‘yes.’ – But who is Charles Hoskinson and why does his opinion matter?

Charles Hoskinson as One of The Richest People in Cryptocurrency

According to a February 2018 article, Charles Hoskinson ranks alongside EOS’ Dan Larimer and Ripple XRP’s Brad Garlinghouse, as one of the wealthiest people in cryptocurrency.

Famous for helping co-found Ethereum prior to an (alleged) spat with Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson has since gone on to found blockchain technology startup IOHK. However, Hoskinson’s influence over the cryptocurrency market is much broader than just Ethereum and the soon to be launched cryptocurrency, Cardano.

Involvement with Bitcoin & Bitshares

In 2013, Charles Hoskinson was approached by Dan Larimer of recent EOS fame. Specifically, with a request from the latter to help him vet the idea behind his new decentralized and asset-backed cryptocurrency trading platform, Bitshares.

Welcoming the invitation to get involved with Bitshares, Charles Hoskinson both vetted Larimer’s initial ideas and helped develop a robust business plan for the new platform. Much more importantly, it was Hoskinson pitching the end business plan to Bitcoin entrepreneur Li Xiaolai, which resulted in Bitshares being funded and brought to market.

The Cryptocurrency Research Group

Quickly becoming one of the cryptocurrency communities most respected deal makers, Charles also served in 2013, as the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Educational Committee. Meanwhile, September of the same year saw Hoskinson found the still established Cryptocurrency Research Group (CCRG).

Charles Hoskinson & Ethereum

Through founding the Bitcoin Educational Committee in 2013, Charles Hoskinson made direct contact with Vitalik Buterin. Shortly after, Hoskin subsequently became one of the eight founders of Ethereum alongside Buterin.

Sadly, Buterin and Hoskinson quickly realized that they had different visions for Ethereum. Hoskinson wanted to build a for-profit blockchain based fundraising and smart contract platform. Buterin, on the other hand, wanted Ethereum to be a strictly non-profit venture. June 2014, therefore, saw Charles Hoskinson resign from Ethereum. However, (Hoskinson is still involved with Ethereum classic which forked from Ethereum in late 2016).

Charles Hoskinson & Cardano

Today, Charles Hoskinson is best known for his role as CEO of Input-Output HK.

A blockchain technology firm tasked with bringing new cryptocurrency Cardano to market, IOHK is regularly praised by market watchers. Specifically, concerning the fact that to date, IOHK is the only developer of a fully peer-reviewed cryptocurrency which will arrive on the market both fork and fully quantum computing resistant. – Effectively making Cardano one of the most future-proof digital assets in circulation.

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