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GunBot is the hot and trending thing in the world of cryptocurrency trading. With its amazing automated features, it has managed to extend its purpose to a large number of people. GunBot is not just popular for its automated functions but is also known for its ease of usage. With such great features and reviews, we decided to go ahead with trying it for ourselves. Here’s what we found out about GunBot:

  • GunBot is amazing with the automated settings. One just has to choose the strategies for the coin pairs and just let the tool function. It buys when the prices are low and sells when the market is high. It constantly tracks the fluctuations and works on getting you the best deal in the volatility.
  • It has a variety of strategies to choose from. The strategies act as a standard of rules upon which GunBot functions and carries the trade. There are 3 main categories of strategies. All the strategies are put under indicator, price and trend factors. You can also choose the strategies based on the ease of interpretation. So, there is no problem for the new comers.
  • It is very easy to use. You need to have basic computing skills, trading sense and a mild knowledge of the market. GunBot has associated itself with different kinds of crypto exchanges. This facilitates the trade immensely.
  • It is compatible on Microsoft, Linux and Mac. So, you can just sit and relax. You don’t have to worry about getting yourself a new browser interface. Also, it works on Raspberry Pi. Getting GunBot is a one time investment. It is not a subscription that you will be asked to renew every now and then. Its license is valid for a lifetime.
  • Once all the strategies are set, the tool manages to produce 1-3% of gain almost everyday. It facilitates reverse trading too. You can learn and use multiple strategies for buying and selling. It widens your scope of knowledge about the market.
  • It enables multiple exchanges. GunBot gets you free upgrades for lifetime with just one payment on purchase. You also can avail instant access to Community and Support.
  • One has to remember that despite the brilliance of the tool, one can lose money due to poor strategising and execution of ideas. One needs to skip error points and technical fallacies. Additionally, because you are required to configure the software yourself after installing, if you are not experienced in various strategies it is recommended to leave each strategy in its default settings and just choose your currency pair and max balance to trade.

This is how we could judge the tool. Overall, GunBot has really proved to be an amazing aid to the traders around the globe. It is sure to help anyone who wishes to enter the field of cryptocurrency trading. Keep low and make your way to the top. That’s how it works!!

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