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Kadena appoints Ben Jessel to head Chainweb

Exciting news coming out of the Kadena camp in March when they announced the appointment of Ben Jessel.

Jessel made his name as the head of blockchain technology at the highly thought of financial services consulting firm, Capco and has moved to Kadena as the head of business growth.

Such is the demand for his services, he will also still work with Capco in the capacity of advisor.
Kadena certainly looks like it is a start up to keep an eye on after racing $2.5 million in a private placing for the new blockchain project which they are working on.

Kadena is based around a project called Chainweb which offers a solution to security and scaling issues by utilizing a selection of multiple peer blockchains as opposed to a single decentralised blockchain.

The advantage of using multiple chains is that the network issues which have caused problems with the like of Bitcoin and Ethereum can now be avoided.

There is no doubt that the technology behind Chainweb is quite extraordinary but one of the most important tasks for Jessel will be to adapt Chainweb so that it meets the intricate demands of their clients.

Kadena’s announcement of the Chainweb venture was made at the cryptocurrency conference in Stanford and the feedback from that event can only be described as being extremely positive.

Chainweb is expected to launch later on this year but at the moment, a decision needs to be made as to whether they offer clients an end solution which will meet their needs or instead, offer them the tools so that they can construct their own solution.

It is a difficult decision to make but in going the extra mile, so to speak, Jessel and the team at Kadena have put steps in place so that they are able to give their clients access to the finer details behind their blockchain so that the process of putting together their own solution will be simplified.

Jessel and his team have quickly come to the conclusion that the main requirement of any organization which takes on board the Chainweb technology will not only be a fast blockchain which is available to all, but also a code that can be used within the organization which they actually understand.

It could be argued that even though the technology which is being used is extremely advanced, the ethos that Ben Jessel brings to Kadena is basic business sense and it is of little wonder why this shrewd appointment by the Kadena board has made people sit up and notice.

As well as the appointment of Jessel, Kadena are putting together a pretty strong team in every area of their business and when you also take into account that its founders have been involved in developing highly technological systems for the likes of JP Morgan and the US Government, the excitement behind this venture is understandable.

Ben Jessel and the Chainweb project are certainly worth keeping an eye on when they launch towards the end of the year.