Legal ways to earn bitcoin in 2018

Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

  • The cryptocurrency economy is evolving
  • Thanks to more Bitcoin businesses and merchants coming online, it is easier than ever for people to earn Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash
  • At present, it is possible to earn Bitcoin as both an entrepreneur and semi-professional side hustler

Do You Dream of Earning Bitcoin just Like You do Fiat Cash?

Some cryptocurrency market analysts believe that 2018 may represent the last opportunity for inventors to buy Bitcoin at less than $10,000. There is just one problem. This being that the current Bitcoin price is already too steep for many low market entry point investors.

Earning Bitcoin Vs. Investing in Bitcoin

Can’t afford the current Bitcoin price on Coinbase? If so, you are not alone. As of 2018, though, it is easier than ever for people to earn Bitcoin. As a result, it is possible to exchange real goods and services for cryptocurrency, rather than invest directly. All that aspirant earners need to do, is find their perfect Bitcoin side hustle.

Earn Bitcoin by Applying for a Regular Job at Coinality

Did you know that some employers are already paying employees with Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash?

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become one of the most lucrative investment opportunities of the century. What many people forget, though, is that businesses launching ICOs aren’t just in need of venture capital. As well as this, many companies also need real-world employees.

I’m Interested, Where Can I Get Hired?

At present, online job boards like Coinality exist where employers post situations vacant, all of which allow employees to earn Bitcoin as a regular wage.

What Kind of Situations Vacant Allow People to Earn Bitcoin?

Coinality is an excellent resource for both regular and remote workers looking to earn Bitcoin. One drawback of Coinality, though, rests with the fact that many situations vacant are blockchain specific. As a result, Coinality is brilliant for blockchain developers but not so hot for deli counter assistants.

Earn Bitcoin by Becoming a Bitcoin Loan Shark

The cryptocurrency economy might be marginal but is continuously evolving. As a result, several Bitcoin-specific financial service platforms already exist. Specifically, platforms where people can loan and lend Bitcoin just like regular fiat cash.

Make 13% Profits by Lending Bitcoin on Bitbond

Bitbond is one of several small business financing platforms, which allow people to borrow Bitcoin to build out new and existing business ventures.

  • Fully peer to peer, Bitbond lenders can loan funds to business borrowers which are repayable with up to 13% interest
  • All Bitbond borrowers are subject to credit checks before being allowed to borrow funds
  • Thanks to credit checks, Bitbond represents a relatively easy and safe way for existing Bitcoin holders to earn more Bitcoin via regular interest payments

Earn Cryptocurrency by Becoming a Steemit or Dtube Sensation

Are you a creative whiz when it comes to writing, graphic design, and audiovisual media creation? If so, an easy way to earn cryptocurrency in 2018, can be to start publishing content on Steemit and Dtube.

Created by Dan Larimer in 2016, Steemit is a blockchain based content sharing platform which works similarly to Facebook and Youtube. What makes Steemit and Dtube different from other platforms, though, is the fact that media creators can earn Steem dollars by creating content which generates likes and upvotes.

Other Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

Are you looking for an easy way to earn Bitcoin with minimal effort? If so, micro-working jobs portals like might be your best option.

At BitGigs and on similar platforms, users can sell a variety of low-cost freelance services identical to those offered on places like Fiverr. Alternatively, people looking to earn Bitcoin on a more professional part-time basis can also search for positions vacant on the popular Jobs4Bitcoin Reddit thread.

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