Top ICOs 2017

Top 5 ICOs for 2017

With so many currencies introduced every year, it has become difficult for those interested in trading to keep track. If we follow the statistics, 59% of the ICOs launched in 2017 have already failed. However, we will not be focusing on the failures in this article but instead, will discuss which names managed to top the list of the most successful ICOs in 2017. More than $3.5 billion has been raised through the use of ICOs in the year 2017. This list has also been prepared according to the amount of money raised through the use of different ICOs.

Filecoin – 257 Million

The amount shown above was raised in two steps. In the first phase, the presale came out to be $52 Million, and in the second phase, an amount of $205.8 Million was raised. This brought the total to $257 Million which landed Filecoin directly on the top of this list. Filecoin was primarily based on a storage saving focus that made the users earn Filecoins by letting other people with less storage to store their data on your server or computer. For this, the one saving other’s storage had to have a larger storage unit. In the first hour alone, this ICO managed to pull off an amount of $135 Million.

Tezos – 232 Million

Tezos had been best known to be the one that was expected to be the biggest of all. However, the ICO managed to come second on the list. Tezos was seen to make a move that was seen to e controversial by many but resulted in an impressive amount of money. The move was to have an ICO that was uncapped, unlike others that would stop taking funds after a particular time. Having the ability to update the code, adapt, and improve, Tezos has done significantly well in the year 2017 and has succeeded in making a name for itself.

EOS – 180 Million

Considered to be a competitor to Ethereum, EOS introduced itself as being a blockchain operating system. EOS succeeded in raising $180 million and boasted on being able to provide others with a process that was seen as being honest.

Bancor – 153 Million

Bancor believed in providing the world with one single currency which is why users can create a Smart Token by incorporating a blend of different coins. Bancor has aimed to create an experience that the user finds to be better and more sophisticated. Tim Draper is one of the most famous capitalists who was seen to be backing Bancor.

Status – 108 Million

Making the Ethereum network mobile friendly, this ICO enabled the users to receive, send or store Ethers from their phones directly. With the help of Status, people can also send smart contracts to their friends. Their encrypted messaging and blockchain were designed to eliminate any security related worries that the users may have.

2017 has been a mixture of ups and downs for the different ICO offerings. With many new ICOs expected to arise in the year 2018, the market is not likely to lose its popularity any time soon.

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