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Element Zero is Reinventing the Stablecoin - How & Why Explained

Element Zero protects users from USD and commodity price fluctuations, by guaranteeing that every Element Zero coin created will always have a minimum face value of $100. Moreover, how Element Zero makes this possible is simple. In fact, it’s so simple, it’s genius. is the world’s first blockchain inspired piece of performance art The Zero Ownership Blockchain Art Exchange Explained

/ is the world’s first blockchain inspired piece of performance art. isn’t a blockchain art exchange or gallery. Instead, allows D’App users to participate in what calls a, “process of turning ownership into art.”
Atomic Swaps Made Simple

Swap.Online Atomic Wallet Review: Atomic Swaps Made Simple

Swap.Online is the world’s first true atomic swap exchange. The Swap.Online atomic wallet app can be used to swap cryptocurrencies fee-free and without user registration. Swap.Online is currently capable of instantly exchanging Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and several ETH ERC-20 tokens.
Implacoin is a digital currency and blockchain platform designed for medical and dental treatment.

Implacoin: Blockchain-Based Healthcare & Telemedicine

Implacoin is digital currency and blockchain platform designed to democratize access to medical and dental treatment. Use of blockchain technology in healthcare is becoming commonplace. However, Implacoin is the only coin which allows investors to generate ROI via direct participation in Implacoin's own proof of stake Master Node program.
Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange Review | Trading Options, Fees and Referral Program

While you have heard of F&O trading in the equity markets and the buzzword of cryptocurrency going on in the street right now, does the term futures trading on cryptocurrency crosses your mind as yet? While it may be a new term to you, the trading on futures for cryptocurrency is very similar to trading on futures in the equity market.
Top Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019

Top Cryptocurrency to Invest in Ready for 2019

2018 has been a testing year for cryptocurrency investors. Volatile price swings have seen mooning coin prices from January, falter spectacularly. In this article, we will, therefore, look at what is possibly the best cryptocurrency to invest in ready for 2019.
Bitcoin Price History at Christmas

Will Bitcoin Price History Repeat This Christmas?

Analysis of Bitcoin price history over the past decade shows a clear trend of prices peaking around Christmas time. Some Bitcoin price prediction forecasts suggest that Bitcoin may peak at $12,000 - $13,000 this Christmas. While hopeful of a bull run, other predictions indicate that a Bitcoin price Christmas bonanza isn’t a viable possibility.

The Stock Market Crash is Coming - Is Bitcoin the Answer?

JP Morgan recently predicted a 60% likelihood of a significant recession and possible stock market crash in 2020. Historically, a stock market crash occurs on average every 10-years. Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin to prevent wealth from being fraudulently seized in the event of a crash, but can Bitcoin stand up to the challenge?

Latest Bitcoin Price & Market Cap

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New to Trading? Read these Essential Articles


Top 10 Crypto Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner

So you’ve been drawn in with all the exciting talk of Cryptocurrency and you’re ready to make your fortune by trading in crypto. But where to begin? Yes, crypto trading can be daunting, especially if you don’t have any form of trading background.
Crypto Currency Trading Tips

Crypto Investing Tips

Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself somewhat of a high roller, everyone needs a few tips to help them along the way of their crypto trading journey. Here are some of the best 15 tips that could help you increase your profits and broaden your knowledge.

What is On Balance Volume (OBV)?

On-Balance Volume is a metric that has been around since the ‘60s and follows one simple thesis point: volume precedes price. Created by Joseph Granville, it predicts an increase or decrease in the price of an asset by measuring the flow of that asset’s volume, by predicting pressure being exerted by buyers and sellers through the changes in asset volume and price.

5 Types Of Trading Graphs And How To Use Them

Trading cryptocurrency is exciting. The volatility of the markets means that there is a lot of movement, with a lot of statistical models claiming that they have the secret to easy success. The truth, though, is that, like all things, cryptocurrency trading requires effort if you’re seeking to really understand it.

What Are Fibonacci Levels And How To Use Them

The creator of the Fibonacci numbers was a man named Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, widely acclaimed as the most influential western mathematician of the middle ages. He was given his nickname "Fibonacci' by the French historian Guilaume Libri. The Fibonacci numbers or sequence is characterized by the mere fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the preceding two numbers.

More Articles

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures coming in December 2018

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures are Coming - Will the Bitcoin Price Go Up?

In December, Bakkt Bitcoin futures will start trading on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The ICE owns 12 regulated exchanges and marketplaces globally. Bakkt LLC will physically back futures contracts using real Bitcoin, making futures similar to long-awaited Bitcoin ETF’s.
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on the 15th of November 2018

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Explained - What do You Need to Know?

On November 15th, a Bitcoin Cash hard fork is scheduled which may see Bitcoin Cash Split into three different forms of cryptocurrency. A Bitcoin Cash hard fork takes place twice a year. However, at present, there is no consensus among BCH miners, concerning which of three proposed Bitcoin Cash upgrades will benefit from mainstream support. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork could increase the transaction capacity of blocks on the BCH blockchain from 32MB to 128MB.
Ripple on CoinMarketCap

Ripple XRP Poised to Take Second Place on CoinMarketCap

Ripple Coin (XRP) briefly replaced Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap on November 6th, 2018. Ethereum scaling concerns and renewed mainstream financial institution interest in Ripple, have resulted in XRP Coin and ETH vying for place as the worlds second largest cryptocurrency. Ripple Coin looks set to defeat Ethereum as the world’s second-biggest digital currency, possibly in a matter of days.

Breaking Down Bitcoin and Blockchain Myths | Bitcoin Scaling

Several myths and misconceptions dog Bitcoin and blockchain technology. One Bitcoin myth concerns blockchain scalability and the presumed incapacity of Bitcoin to serve more significant numbers of users. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin blockchain scalability shouldn’t be a problem for Bitcoin at all.
Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin Myths | Are Bitcoins Legal or Illegal?

Despite rising in popularity over the course of 2017 and 2018, many people mistakenly believe that Bitcoin is illegal. Many Bitcoin myths stem from the mistaken belief that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice for Dark Web criminals. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Bitcoin is legal and will likely not be prohibited at any point in the near future.
Investing in Bitcoin for the first time?

A Beginner's Guide To Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin could make waves again soon, especially if the stock market continues to take a hit. So, here’s a beginners guide to investing in it.
Bitcoin Mixer Reviews

Review Of Bitcoin Mixer

A Bitcoin mixer is an online service which anonymizes Bitcoin by mixing BTC coin amounts with those of several different users. Mixing thwarts attempts to track the real identities of Bitcoin users. Bitcoin mixing predominantly takes place on the dark web. However, new service, provides secure mixing for regular (non-dark web) BTC users.
Cryptocurrency Tax

How Tax on Cryptocurrency Applies to Miners & Traders

Capital gains tax reforms for 2018 have changed how the Internal revenue Service applies tax to cryptocurrency. Traders and cryptocurrency miners need to be aware of how tax on cryptocurrency applies to their specific situation. For day traders, short-term capital gains tax will apply to every trade. For miners, cryptocurrency is taxed as income.

Top 10 Crypto Currencies by Market Cap

Name Price Supply Volume Market Cap
17,657,650.00 BTC
41,970,748,057.00 XRP
105,750,052.81 ETH
1,040,587,179.29 EOS
Bitcoin Cash
17,740,402.15 BCH
19,363,613,243.97 XLM
61,436,483.59 LTC
31,112,484,646.00 ADA
2,779,530,283.28 MIOTA
65,000,000.00 NEO

Top Crypto Currency Influencers

Dan Larimer EOS - Blockchain Guru
Charles Hoskinson of Ethereum and Cardano
Charlie Lee of Litecoin
Nick Szabo possible founder of Bitcoin
Mark Carney